Mandate Transition 14

The AIF, through its subsidiaries intends to become a predominant African infrastructure investment fund and advisor, differentiated by its deep on- the-ground expertise in risk management in high-risk African markets, with superior sourcing; and full life cycle responsible investment management, including project planning and management capabilities.

The cornerstone of the AIF’s Investment Strategy are the bedrock principles of sustainable and responsible investment approaches which are the core values of the group.

The AIF’s principal investment objectives will be;

(a) To realize superior risk adjusted returns for investors from investments in select infrastructure sectors in Africa ; and
(b) To materially contribute to the continent’s development goals, based on credible investment thesis of how the investment contributes to the achievement of impact in the region, thereby providing positive environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) outcomes for investors.

The AIF will aim to invest across the capital structure in the form of equity, equity-linked, mezzanine and senior debt instruments across greenfield, brownfield and operating infrastructure assets in economic, social- and real estate infrastructure sectors.

AIF will deploy superior sourcing capability, to identify and originate a large number of investment opportunities and will be highly selective to ensure best-in-class approach to select “best of the best”.

All investments shall comply with the AIF’s Investment Policy.

Country Eligibility– all member countries of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Africa.

The capability to also execute infrastructure projects from return-risk analysis through feasibility studies to execution and operation differentiates AIF from pure investment companies.

Our Services

To this end and compliant with our mandate, the AIF is structured to offer the following three business lines

  1. Advisory – to provide support to our clients to help develop their projects and other assets to meet market readiness conditions for financing.
  2. Asset Management – to provide support to our clients to make risk- balanced and well-informed investment decisions, and to help ensure their investments maintain and or exceed projected values during the lifetime of the investment.
  3. Investment Funds – through the capitalization of investment vehicles in jurisdictions where the requisite oversight and regulatory frameworks already exist, are market friendly and are tried and tested.


“Our Dream Is An African Continent That Is Highly Developed And Free Of Poverty”