It is more than a cliché to say our youths are the future. With 59 % of our population under the age of 24 in The Gambia, our young people must be supported to reach their full potential to live productive lives and to meaningfully contribute to the development of the country. To this end, the AIF will partner with our young people to support them to acquire the skills they need and that the success of the AIF itself will ultimately demand and depend on.

Therefore, the AIF is designing a vocational training program that is based on the following principles; (i) recognizing the potential of our young people to be future producers and generators of wealth, incomes and opportunity, and the future critical mass of entrepreneurs and consumers that would create economic activity crucial for economic growth , and (ii) tapping into their energy, creativity and potential longevity.

Consequently, the AIF will partner with local and international vocational training institutions to design tailor made, locally based and delivered two-year vocational programs in relevant fields such as architectural design and technology, agricultural productivity, agricultural technologies, building facilities management and systems, business development and management, carpentry, computer coding, construction planning and systems management, engineering design and technology, environmental technologies, IT systems, medical equipment technologies and systems, power design systems and management, steel fabrication, transport planning and logistics, water supply design and management technologies, to name a few fields.

The program will pay a small monthly stipend provided participants stay in class and in their apprenticeships throughout the two-year period, pass their examinations, pass regular random substance abuse tests and stay crime free. Participation in the program shall require signing of legally binding terms and conditions to abide by the rules of the program. Upon successful graduation, a small seed grant maybe be available for those who want to start their own businesses. Also, regardless of the subject/topic chosen, all courses will include classes in fundamental and survival English and Math, and passes in these two subjects shall be a prerequisite to successfully complete the program. Successful candidates will be awarded an accredited and nationally recognized vocational certificate.

Those interested, between the ages of 16 and 24 (both male and female), please click on the link below, to register your interests, to state the topics you are interested in and the skills you want to acquire. This information will help the AIF get a sense of the budget required, to design the program to fit your needs and complete the plans to get started as early as possible. The registration period is open now, and will close on August 31st 2020.

We will share the next stage and steps of this program within 90days of the closing of this registration period.