Institutional Investors will have unique opportunities and privileges to participate and invest in the AIF, through different investment funds currently being designed and structured.

International Institutional Investors
International institutional investors will have the option to invest funds directly into the AIF and the AIF subsidiaries registered internationally. The first AIF subsidiary is being registered in the EU and will soon be available to all EU based institutional investors.

Other AIF subsidiaries will be registered in other jurisdictions, for example, in other non- EU countries in Europe, countries in Asia and in the US as necessary, to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of other international institutional investors and regulators. Each subsidiary will have its own website where information will be provided.

Announcements to launch any new subsidiary will be made here on the parent AIF website (which is this website).

In all cases, fund managers, management companies (manco’s) and fund administrators will be appointed for each subsidiary registered, compliant with the respective regulators in each jurisdiction and market.

Domestic Institutional Investors
Domestic institutional investors will only be permitted to invest funds directly in the parent AIF. When the Funds for domestic institutional investors are ready to be launched, interested domestic institutional investors will be able to create their own investment accounts here on this page, where they can make their contributions, securely. The Fund’s prospectus will also be published here and will provide all the necessary information domestic institutional investors will need to make their decision, including how the Fund will be managed, the investments the Fund will participate in, the exit strategy and the returns investors will receive.

These funds will be announced and available, as soon as all the due diligence required to establish and manage them are completed and the Board approves them.