Yassin Senghore

Corporate Secretary

Yassin is a highly respected and well-known Legal Practitioner in The Gambia with more than 18 years’ experience whose practice is predominantly Civil Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Law, Banking and Finance, Property, Employment Law, Telecommunications and Petroleum.

Yassin brings to the AIF a deep understanding of the Gambian legal system and jurisprudence, English Common Law and a strong technical expertise from hands-on experience with litigation up to the Supreme Court of The Gambia and from legal advisory services to her many clients. She manages her own private Chambers which represents and advises a diverse group of international and national institutions, businesses and private individuals on issues involving finance and the law. Whilst it is not her main area of practice, she has a keen interest in issues relating to Human Rights and the promotion of Women’s and Children’s rights and has provided legal representation to those affected by these issues.

Yassin obtained her LLB (hons) degree from the University of Warwick in England and undertook the Bar Vocational Training at the Inns of Court School of Law. She has been a member of Lincolns Inn, England since 2001 and a member of Bar of The Gambia since 2002.

In 2017, Yassin was elected Vice President of the Gambia Bar Association and she has also served both as a Secretary and as a Member of the General Legal Council which is the Regulatory body for Legal Practitioners in The Gambia. Yassin has recently been appointed as a Commissioner for the Gambia Competition Commission.

Yassin is a founding member of the Africa Infrastructure Fund.

In her role as Corporate Secretary, Yassin’s main responsibilities will be to establish and manage the Corporate Secretariat of the AIF as the interface between the Board and Management for a seamless interface, for effective communication, execution of Board decisions and facilitation of required Board approval and oversight functions. The secretariat will also be responsible for handling (i) AIF companies in all locations, share and other securities transactions – issuing new shares and other securities, arranging dividend payments and other investment returns, and observing all legal requirements in doing so, (ii) Liaising with auditors, lawyers, tax advisers, bankers and shareholders on Board governance issues (iii) managing, recording and handling of Board documentation, (iv) working closely with Board and management in general, and closely with the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the AIF in particular, to ensure compliance obligations under relevant laws and the requirements of regulatory authorities are met, and (v) for managing the budget of the Board and secretariat.

Yassin’s appointment has been effective since 16 December 2019.