It is of paramount importance to the AIF that local communities and small businesses in the area of our investments, or those otherwise affected by our investments,feel that they are actual beneficiaries of these investments and considered themselves stakeholders of the AIF investments.


Therefore, a critical and integral part of the development process for every investment being considered, will be the stakeholder mapping exercise, where all stakeholders will be identified. The stakeholders will be grouped into two categories;


(i) Those directly affected by the investment and

(ii) those who may have an interest in the investment. The stakeholder mapping exercise will be carried out very early in the development process, to ensure that all stakeholders are identified, that they are consulted in a meaningful and participatory process including but not necessarily limited to the environmental and social impact analysis process, and that their views and needs are taken into consideration in the project design, construction and operations and maintenance stages. Furthermore, it would be ideal for our communities and small business in the project, to also feel that they can invest and otherwise contribute to the success of not only the investments in their project area, but ultimately more broadly in other AIF investments as well. This is in line with our values and our mandate to ensure poverty alleviation. Where community accounts will facilitate this process, these accounts will be set up on this page.