Mr. Momodou Senghore

Chairman of the Board

Mr Momodou Senghore, a statesman and highly respected member of The Gambia’s business community, is the retired Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Shell (Gambia) Ltd and retired Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank (Gambia) Ltd. Mr Senghore has had a rich career spanning over 50 years in both the public and private sectors of The Gambia. After graduating from university in 1967 he had a brief stint in The Gambia government administrative service where he served at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs for 20 months before resigning to join the private sector, the petroleum industry to be precise. As head of Texaco and later Shell, he would play a major role in modernizing and expanding the fuel distribution network in The Gambia. His efforts in The Gambia were recognized by his superiors to the extent that he was sent on short and medium term assignments to other African countries such as Senegal, Mauritania, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo. In the area of corporate governance, Mr. Senghore has also had extensive experience. He was a founder Board member of the National lnvestment Board (NIB). Among many other Board appointments, he has been Chairman of the Boards of both the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) and Gambia Telecommunications Company (GAMTEL). He served as Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank (Gambia) for 15 years.