Mr. James Orehmie

Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

James Orehmie Monday, a Structural Engineer by training, has worked globally with significant professional residency stints in Banjul, London, Washington DC, Bangkok and Dubai. Throughout his professional career spanning 30 years, James has worked on all areas of due diligence of large-scale Infrastructure Project Finance, Design, Construction and Management in developing and developed markets, starting out in the UK, then spanning out across multiple countries in Africa, East Asia and South Asia. James has either led or been part of diverse teams of professionals from across the relevant industries, sectors and disciplines, including many solid waste management, transport, energy and water operations, to ensure full and complete capture, evaluation and understanding of all of the issues. James holds a Master of Engineering Degree (1989) from the University of Liverpool, UK. In 1989, he started his career as a practicing structural design engineer at Oscar Faber Consulting Engineers, UK, based in the City of London. From 1992, James was a Managing Partner at several engineering design companies in The Gambia. In 2002, James joined the World Bank in Washington DC, working in Africa, East Asia and Pacific and South Asia regions and retired from the Bank in June 2019 as the Senior Environmental Engineer resident in Dubai, with areas of responsibility in the infrastructure, environmental brown and safeguards agenda for Afghanistan, Maldives and Pakistan. James is also a member of the Advisory Board of a Luxemburg registered based investment fund. James is the founder of the Africa Infrastructure Fund.