Fraud and corruption, perceived and real, are the very antithesis of the values of the AIF for they erode public trust, investor confidence, undermines independent and facts-based decision making, sully’s the character and integrity of whole AIF Board, entire management and all staff, and takes away critical resources from the poor. If not nipped at the bud but allowed to continue, the very existence of the AIF itself will be threatened. Therefore, fraud and corruption by anyone and any institution (there are no sacred cows in this regard) perceived or real, involved with the AIF in anyway whatsoever will not be tolerated. All allegations of corruption will be investigated and those found wanting will be swiftly brought to justice. In this regard, the AIF is making this confidential hotline open to the general public to confidentially report allegations of fraud and corruption it is aware of. The identity of those using the hotline to report allegations of fraud and corruption will be protected.